RCMP Functional Strength & Conditioning Program

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Por Luc Poirier & Sylvain Lemelin

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  • Publicado: 2014-06-20
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Descripción de RCMP Functional Strength & Conditioning Program

Estás por descargar el libro RCMP Functional Strength & Conditioning Program PDF o EPUB. Escrito por el autor Luc Poirier & Sylvain Lemelin. El ebook pertenece al género Training, Books, Sports & Outdoors y fue publicado en la fecha 2014-06-20. Cualquier duda o sugerencia puedes dejarla en los comentarios. Are you a police officer or interested in a career as a police officer? Are you looking to join an Emergency Response Team, or simply to develop the physical abilities required to perform police duties on a daily basis? 

Or perhaps you are a citizen wanting to take better care of yourself and to improve your level of fitness? 

If you have answered yes to any of these questions, you should download this document offered free of charge by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. 

Take advantage of the many benefits offered by the Functional Strength & Conditioning Program designed by fitness experts of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police.  The Program features training plans that require a minimum of time and equipment and that can be performed virtually anywhere.

Fitness is a key element to everyone’s health, and more particularly so to peace officers. It allows us to perform everyday life activities at a high energy level.  It reduces stress, thus allowing us to improve our performance at work.  Fitness is especially important for peace officers, as it can make a difference in their ability or inability to perform high intensity tasks in critical situations. 

This four-level fitness program is intended equally for beginners and for people required to perform highly specialized police work, such as that of the Emergency Response Team (ERT). 

This Program provides:

• Immediate access to RCMP physical training methods;

• Dynamic warm-up and stretching exercises that are fully documented and illustrated;

• A participant Log Sheet;

• Functional strength and conditioning tips;

• A questionnaire to determine the program level best suited for the participant;

• Detailed entry and exit criteria for each of the Program levels;

• A full array of certified exercises;

• A clear description and illustration of each exercise;

• A training philosophy to help participants find the right balance between functional strength development and physical endurance (cardiovascular training);

• And more!

The Mounties are proud to share their physical training methods with all fitness enthusiasts.  Download this document to help you maintain the fitness level you need to face the challenges of daily living. 

We wish everyone an enjoyable training experience!

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